I was given the opportunity to work on a Personal Health Management System for over two years for HealthKOS. It was a very ambitious project with different areas regarding the healthcare industry. My job was to create and simplify the user experience by creating clean layouts and carefully selecting colors that would appeal our target audience (Healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, seniors, families and adults). 

I worked closely with the project manager to analyzed and research user interaction, navigation and human time span. I developed a color palette that will facilitate the patients understanding of the app. I had to prototype all my designs to show the flow and functionality of each icon, button and navigation.

At the end, I learned a lot about UI/UX design. My work became the blueprints for a team of over 20 developers that would make my designs come to life. HeathKOS Lite app. was a great experience. It was very exciting to see every layout, composition, wireframe, etc. become what it is now.
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