Corporate ID

Visual identity is the visible essence of a corporation, institution, or government agency. Identity, unified and controlled can provide positive association with an organization in the eyes of the employees, customers, stockholders, and the public. This is a school project. And a fictitious soccer team based and inspired on the Miami FC

It has to start with an idea. I decided to create for this project a soccer team based on Miami FC (current soccer team under the wing of David Beckham) by giving a spin by using an animal as an inspiration. I decided to use Orca's since a lot of this animals can be found traveling South of Florida. It kinda made me think of how many different nationalities meet in South Florida.
First Sketches
Still in Progress

The colors used in the logo come from the flag of Miami which are Green/White/Orange. I also added sky-blue to show the ocean colors that characterizes Miami Beach. Then I wanted to emphasize the name of the team by working with a similar type to the ones used on neon signs. As this signs can be found in many places around Miami.
Miami Orcas Logo
After developing the logo comes the stationery package
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